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If you are using Laundry-Trak Express, do not install these updates!!
File name Release Date Description
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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 19

LT7 rel 19 includes:

Adjust weights now allows for the ability to change the shipping/receive date
Carts ready to ship report was previously indicating that carts were needed to be fixed when they actually were not. Clarifying also cart ship date vs. transaction ship date
File error trapping enhanced in the manifest program
Inserting a customer e-mail in the customer maintenance screen issue resolved
Print invoice: when restricting to depts, and it was the last cust-dept record, that item's net weight wasn't being displayed, resolved
Clarifying language added to soil reconciliation and soil/clean summary reports plus inclusion of whether the clean transactions are filtered by processed vs. ship dates
Soil Reconcilatilion and Soil/Clean Summary reports now show whether the processed or ship date was used for clean calculations; Soil/Clean Summary has been improved to allow multi-user access
Items lookup system wide was using more resources than necessary, resolved
Improvements to the login maintenance option

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(updated 5/15/17)
Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 18

LT7 rel 18 includes:

I-weight receive date functionality
Setup program updated for new receive date option in I-weight
Laundry query updates relating to receive date option
O-weight/I-weight program Spanish translation updates
Ship manifest cart sorting when choosing carts resolved
Rewash program enhancements
Numbered carts issue in the receiving manifest resolved
Updated runtime engine

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 17

LT7 rel 17 includes:

Expanded customer items in cust entry (expanded from 250 to 1000)
Cross tab report updates
Updated maintain database
O-weight, I-weight, and Rewash: entering spaces in cust/item entry issue solved
Hist rep - Cust # and Item # - no longer limited to single user use
Main menu and various screen changes to better support larger fonts
Updated runtime engine that has many enhancements and other updated and new utilities

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 16

LT7 rel 16 includes:

Improved workstation setup (which better supports newer operating systems)
Enhancements to manifest summary (shipping manifest and manifest history options)
Previously saved manifest PDF's can be e-mailed (in addition to "on the fly generated" attachments) in manifest history
Piece weight calculation warning is now displayed for "no carts" as well as regular carts (incoming and outgoing weight options)
E-mail trace option for troubleshooting and other e-mail enhancements (used by ship manifest, manifest history and invoicing options)
Internal runtime engine updates

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 15

LT7 rel 15 includes:

New manifest reprint option that takes into account any adjustments
Name/Option (to record "Entered by" for example) available in incoming/outgoing weight screens (triggered by new setup flag) that prints on tickets
Main menu enhancements: main menu includes process range button plus an optional tile-like option that provides faster access to some options and which can be used to facilitate touch screen entry, and a new run special program option
Truck/seal entry available in the shipping manifest and process range of manifest options
Square ticket (4x4) support reenabled
Incoming/outgoing weight and order fill form enhancements to better accommodate large screen fonts
Day/cust/item history report enhancements
Longer scale config file in the scale test program
Receiving manifest and adjust weight updates

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 14

LT7 rel 14 includes:

Enhancements to the text file output option in the Laundry file query report as well as in the Day/item history (crosstab) export
Incoming and outgoing weight: extra tare weight logic, improvement to customer assigned cart logic
Incoming weight: allowing user to ENTER as well as click off the customer number and go directly to cart entry
New cart flag for additional tare weight and exchange cart status clarification
Manifest and manifest history shows cart weight on a different line than items
Manifest signature line option
Manifest image handling
New error warnings when updating primary file in the manifest and outgoing weight options
Improvement to system manifest handling path when changing path

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 13

LT7 rel 13 includes:

New history export by day and item option
Internal runtime and configuration setup enhancements
Laundry file query report export enhancements
Ability to specify the next manifest number
Invoicing program enhancements
Option to open PDF's related to manifest history

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 12

LT7 rel 12 includes:

Extensive upgrades to the print invoice program including new detail and summary options and the ability to show dates with no activity, the ability to enter invoice adjustments on the fly, as well as a new e-mail capability, plus the ability to establish invoicing preferences.
Related to invoice program enhancements, customer e-mail addresses can be designated to include invoices (as well as the previously existing option for manifests).
Resolution of an issue involving consecutive adjustments when in the adjust weights program that impacts the audit report.
Improved navigation/interface in the adjust weights program.
When choosing adjust weights while processing a manifest, only records pertaining to that customer are shown.
Item counters added to tickets.
Some customer editing restrictions implemented when that customer has pending carts to ship.

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 11

LT7 rel 11 (non-order module users should be on rel. 9 before installing) includes:

Significant new features to the invoice program, many new options, automatically saves to PDF's, more
Support for Windows 7 USB-serial cable interfaces (physical port is still recommended for best performance)
Support for accessing a scale via a Remote Desktop Connection
Systemwide change to the underlying executable that provides better memory handling and new error exception reporting
Win 7 dot matrix manifest printing issue
Manifest screen form changes
Manifest logo change when printing from history

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06/26/11 (updated 8/10/11)
Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 10

LT7 rel 10 (available only for users who have purchased the order module; non-order module customers can skip this update) includes:

Major enhancement to the order module including:

Enter recurring orders
Generate recurring orders
Pick carts/workstations for regular or recurring orders
Print pick tickets (4x6 or 8.5x11)
Order/pack setup

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 9

LT7 rel 9 includes:

Number per copies option for short/long ticket
Allow non-tracked carts to be processed on an incoming basis
Cart report changes relating to non-tracked carts
Carts ready to ship report enhancements
E-mail setup encryption enhancements and automatic subfolder creation
Soil reconciliation report now has shipping date option
Pounds summary report enhancement when ship date is selected

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 8

LT7 rel 8 is a significant update that includes:

Adjustment audit tracking and new audit report
Changing of location of settings files to facilitate Win 7 user use
End user ability to customize manifests (shipping and receiving) with an upper left or upper center image (multiple formats supported) or to enter their own extended name/address via an RTF file
PDF archiving of manifests
User specified SMTP port (relating to the existing capability to e-mail shipping manifests)
Expanded number of customer specific items

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 7

LT7 rel 7 is primarily a maintenance release with a number of small changes and in preparation for the next release that will contain new features. It includes:

Incoming/outgoing weight program validation enhancements for customers/depts
Manifest, login, Laundry-Trak query program enhancements
Adjust weights enhancements when changing customers/depts
Purge utility enhancements
Further updated internal engine (users will require an updated license from Phoenix Scale to use)

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 6


Vista interface enhancements
Scale interface enhancements (tested with three different indicators running under WIN 98, XP Pro and Vista Ultimate)
Customer history report by ship date issue resolved
Adjust cart - if deleting a cart with multiple items, user notified if more than one item exists and if user proceeds, all items deleted
Shipping manifest processing - when choosing carts with space bar rather than selecting with mouse, selections were not being processed as expected
Utility/setup enhancements
Updated internal engine

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 5


New Process Range of Shipping Manifests option (Reports section)
Enhancements to the Carts Ready to Ship and Laundry File Query reports
New Restore Manifest History option for special circumstances
Updated internal engine and error message files

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 4


Day history report now contains grand totals and other enhancements
Ticket transaction labels include date/time stamp
New print scale analysis button/report option
Optimization of scale interface
PDF manual available from main menu
Updated and digitally signed runtime engine with new exception handling

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Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 3


Microsoft Vista support and improved workstation setup
"Today" main screen option, automatically displays last three days of data (bar chart)
Bar chart comparisions (user specified three date ranges, restrict by customers/time)
Line chart comparisons (user specified date range, group by month, restrict by customers/time)
Day history report numeric range filter enhancements

contact Phoenix Scale for lt7order.exe
Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 2

New order module integration (additional purchase required for full functionality) and other features including:

Enter Orders
Fill Orders (available also from main screen)
Close Partially Filled Order
Print Open Orders List
Print Orders
View Closed Orders
Print Closed Orders
Order History Report
Retrieve Web Orders
Order E-mail setup (under System Maintenance)
User specified weight unit for LB or KG (many program options enhanced)


to receive
this update

(updated 4/3/07)
Update to version 7 rel 1. (Version 6.5b must first be installed.)


Significant scale interface enhancements (faster)
E-mail shipping manifest capability; customer and other e-mail setup options
Search for values in any report preview
Print to file output enhancements
Numerous internal technological enhancements throughout
Improved Rewash capabilities

see above
Official release date of Laundry-Trak 7 rel. 1 to new users. See above re: some of new features.

to receive
this update
Update to version 6.5b. 6.5a must previously be installed.
New Rewash functionality (extensive)
Check file integrity and oplocks utilities (new)

to receive
this update
Update to version 6.5a. 6.4g must previously be installed.
Non-tracked carts option
Exchange cart default option
Improved cart handling when in a ready to ship status
Enhanced Laundry file query report (ready items)
New Carts Ready to Ship report
Customer specific items - new capability
Updated reindex programs and set oplocks utility
Improved manifest locking
Automatically retrieve customer number in incoming weight by clicking into and entering cart number