About Phoenix Scale

Phoenix Scale logo In order to feel comfortable about your purchase of a Laundry-Trak® system,you need to feel comfortable with us. Here is a brief look at Phoenix Scale Company and our history of serving our customers.

Phoenix Scale Company was started in 1981 to serve the industrial scale market in Arizona and the surrounding area. It has been located at the same address since then with a warehouse expansion to handle our growth. Since that time, we have expanded to serve customers all over the United States. We have also served special customer needs internationally to both Canada and Mexico and even to customers as far away as Germany, Mongolia and Dubai.

In 1987, we worked with a local commercial laundry on a standard floor scale application. This requirement expanded to include an internal data collection program in the indicator to record the weights by different customers. This was a successful application that led us to present it at the 1989 Clean Show in Las Vegas. Because of the feedback from this very basic system and seeing the need for improvement, we developed our first software system to expand upon this need and sold these first versions of the Laundry-Trak® system in 1994. This version was very basic and we withdrew it from the market and expanded its basic functions to be more user-friendly plus meet more of the customer's needs. We re-introduced that next version of the Laundry-Trak® system at Clean 97 in Las Vegas and it met with good success. Since then, we have continued to improve both the software and hardware to meet more of the customer's needs plus meeting special applications.

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Our first 32-bit/Windows version (Laundry-Trak 6) was released in the summer of 2001 and soon after included bar coding, integrated accounting options plus full network support. Laundry-Trak® software is now a mature, well-developed product. The latest major release is version 7. Our commitment to the product is in part evidenced by the continuous and regular updates that have been made to the prior 6.x series over its five year history (see the archived updates section under Updates; while we are not continuing to update the 6.x series, we continue to support it), and the now over ten years of version 7 updates.

The same programming staff who worked on the successful 1997 Laundry-Trak® 16-bit/DOS release, and every release since then including the conversion of the package from a DOS to a GUI version and now with version 7, remains actively involved in helping to support and develop the package.

While most Laundry-Trak® users are in the United States (and Laundry-Trak is produced in the U.S. and supported solely by us and our U.S. programming staff), there are a growing number of users in Canada and overseas. With the initial version 6 release, we added an Español (Spanish) button in our outgoing and incoming weight screen options, the two most commonly used options in Laundry-Trak. In an update added in version 7, users can specify the unit of weight measurement as either LB (pounds) or KG (kilograms).

We look forward to working with our long term and newer hospital, hotel, commercial laundry, resort management and other customers worldwide in meeting their laundry management and scale needs and finding solutions to challenges they are presented with, as we have over the past several decades.


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